Microangelo: Icon Editor and Utilities

The Microangelo family of icon software offers two icon editors. The following table compares icon editing features provided by Microangelo Studio (included in Microangelo Toolset), and Microangelo Creation:
(Microangelo Complete! includes Studio and Creation)
   Microangelo Feature Comparison Toolset Creation Complete!  
  $49.95 $54.95 $79.95  
   Image Editing    
     Create and edit icons and static cursors        
     Create and edit animated cursors        
     Create 256x256 images for Windows 7 and Windows 8        
     Selectable PNG image compression        
     Customizable 256-color palette with additional "blended" color wells        
     Hi-performance rainbow palette with swatches, blends, and mini-palette        
     Pencil, line, brush, shape, fill and text paint tools        
     Gradient tool with unlimited, smooth transitions of colors/transparency        
     Anti-alias option for smooth edges on lines, strokes, shapes and fills.        
     Dither, dodge (darken) or burn (lighten) using any paint tool        
     Real-time display of in-progress paint operations in edit and "actual" view        
     Add image "drop shadow" feature        
     Selection tool for rectangular, elliptical and irregular lasso selections        
     Magic wand tool selects pixel areas by color range        
     Build complex selections by adding and subtracting with any select tool        
     Save and load selection areas with project for later use        
     Automated color conversion and color reduction        
     Automated conversion between hi-color formats (256<->True Color)        
     Color adjustments for Hue, Saturation and Lightness        
     Colorize grayscale images or grayscale color images        
     Flip and rotate selections in 90 degree increments        
     "Free" rotation to any degree around a moveable center point        
     Capture tool copies images from the computer display        
     Project templates streamline the addition of required image formats        
     Compose designs using multiple, "layered" images        
     Easily change the order, opacity, and visibility of each layer        
     Rich project files save complete layer, selection, and mask information        
     Import from PSD, PNG, JPG, and BMP formats        
     Export to PSD and PNG formats        
     Export to True Color (24 bit) or Alpha-Blended (32 bit) BMP format        
     Preserve RGB layers and selections when importing PSD files        
     Export complete layer and selection information to PSD files.        
   Icon Management    
     Create Icon Libraries (ICL)        
     Drag/drop icons from files (ICL, EXE, DLL, etc...) into icon libraries        
     Drag/drop icons from programs or libraries into folders as ICO files        
     Edit icons in Icon Libraries and Program files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc...)        
     Update and Replace icons in Icon Libraries and Program files        
     Update or replace icons in libraries and program files from command line        
     Automated scan for duplicate icons with options to Remove or Select        
     Isolate specific image formats to view, remove, or keep        
   Browse, Search, and Extract    
     Browse for icons and cursors in drives, folders and files        
     View ALL icon image formats, a specific format, or desktop/folder views        
     Click any icon or cursor file browsed for comprehensive access        
     Deep Search and Extract of icons from drives and folders