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Use Toolset's icon editor to create outstanding gradients with unlimited blends of colors and transparency levels.  The Gradient tool fills areas with gradual changes of color and/or transparency, a powerful drawing tool that can be tailored for many different results.

The following example illustrates painting a radiating gradient inside of a selection to paint the front cover of a folder icon.


  1. Press and hold down the Gradient tool button to display the gradient menu. Select the Radiate gradient option.

  1. The Paint tab on the Paint Modifiers tool window now displays the Define Gradient button with the current gradient. Click the Define Gradient button to access the Define Gradient dialog.

  1. Use the Define Gradient dialog to Load the Foreground-to-Background gradient definition.

  2. Set Color A (foreground) and Color B (background) colors to the desired beginning and ending colors of the gradient. In this example, we'll set Color A to the lighter shade of yellow at the top edge of the folder and Color B to the darker shade at the bottom edge.


The Gradient tool requires a current selection to define the boundary of the gradient paint. Painting without a selection will fill the entire image area.

  1. Begin by creating a selection to define the boundary where the gradient will paint. In this example, we used the Lasso selection tool to create an outline for the folder cover.

  2. Select the Gradient tool. Position the drawing cursor in the edit window at the upper left corner of the selection (the beginning of the "radiate" gradient).

  3. Press the left mouse button down to begin the gradient and then move the cursor down to the lower right corner of the selection.

  4. Release the mouse button to paint the gradient.

Drawing gradient in the selection

      Icon editor provides gradient blend

As you can see, gradients add depth and photo-realism to your icons, and creating gradients is easy with Microangelo!