Microangelo: Icon Editor and Utilities

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Step 2: Illustrate

Microangelo Studio provides a broad range of drawing tools, as well as gradient and anti-aliasing effects to create high-quality images. Authors who demand or require more powerful graphic design features should consider using a vector tool such as Macromedia FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphics and Adobe Photoshop to convert these images into raster graphics of the desired size. Microangelo will accept the Photoshop images directly from PSD files.

Create three sizes of the image. Because there will be a two-pixel drop shadow added to the image later, you should follow these guidelines:

Create Windows XP image formats in the sizes of 48x48, 32x32, and 16x16. Leave the bottom two rows and right two coloumns of pixels empty (transparent).

Create sizes of 4646, 3030, and 1414 pixels.

Use the palette and style characteristics outlined earlier in the Preparation section.

Note: Photoshop is the recommended image creation tool because Microangelo Studio offers a direct import of Photoshop files. Any image created in Photoshop that uses the "RGB" mode has an alpha channel attached. If there is transparency in the image or layer, the alpha channel includes transparency information that Studio processes into the Windows XP image format.
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