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Creating Windows Icons

The latest Microsoft® Windows® platform, Windows XP, introduces a new style in icon design. The Windows XP icon is all about fun, color, and energy. New, 32-bit versions of the icons provide smooth edges over any background.

The following guidelines show how to make icons by walking you through the steps of designing and creating Windows XP-style icons. These guidelines contain complete information for professional designers that will benefit authors of all levels of experience.

Creating Icons for Windows

Overview An informative overview of icon design. Learn the latest design guides covering icon styles, sizes, color depth and palettes, angles and grouping, drop shadows and more.
Step 1 Conceptualize. Important design considerations to review before creating Windows icons. Includes examples of many common icons used in the latest Windows platforms and applications.
Step 2 Illustrate. Use Microangelo Studio alone or together with other graphic design tools to create your Windows XP images first.
Step 3 Add the drop shadow. Microangelo Studio makes it easy!
Step 4 Create the 8-bit and 4-bit images. Procedures and tips you can use to create the images required by Windows platforms before Windows XP.